Kim Crenshaw and Tara

Kim and Tara

Tara, Labrador Retriever, CD and beloved pet

Kim acquired Tara as a gift when Tara was 2 years old. She had already been field trained and learned to be a great house dog and companion as well. She was so smart and willing to please, Kim's mother encouraged her to look into obedience training and pursue a Companion Dog Title.

Tara earned her CD in Novice B in 3 straight trials while her daughter Ginger was simultaneously shown in Novice A. Tara was started in Open, but space was severely limited in classes at the club where Kim trained and Kim decided to concentrate on Ginger, who was a "flashier" performer - Tara went back to becoming a beloved pet and companion.

She is often missed and will always be lovingly remembered.

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