Adrenalyn and Lauren

Adrenalyn is the cute little Border Collie
run by Kim's daughter Lauren Duckworth,
a 19-year old college student at Auburn University.

Adrenalyn is very close to finishing her first MACH.

Puppy Lyn
Lauren and Adrenalyn had an awesome ride at their first trip to the AKC Agility Nationals in March 2010!  
On Friday, they won the International Tournament with the Highest Combined Individual Score in the 16" jump height. They earned 2nd in Standard and 4th in the Jumpers with Weaves classes They defeated about 250 other dogs in her class. Here's the link for their two ISTT runs:

Lyn Tire N'ville 2004




In the Saturday/Sunday combined United States Tournament Lauren and Adrenalyn earned 8th in Standard and took 2nd in Hybrid.  Her 2nd place time in Hybrid of a 27.454 was the 2nd fastest time of all of the 958 dogs entered in the competition across all jump heights!

Lyn's Hybrid video:

Lauren and Adrenalyn were ranked very highly and would have gone on to Final Round but unfortunately they faulted in the JWW run on Saturday afternoon.  Her placements in the other two runs earned her a place in the Challengers' class, but only one exhibitor moves to the finals and the winner of the Challengers class also went on to win Finals. 
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